Thank you to those who joined us for a dreamy Sunday morning, learning about crystals and how to work with them for personal healing. Here are some notes from Crystal Healing Practice workshop:

Just like the puppy at the dog shelter, crystals choose you. Pay attention if are drawn to one more than the others.

Crystals can become polluted with outside energy. You know when your crystal is dirty because it will actually feel a bit sticky or grubby. To cleanse it, either place it in water with Himalayan salt, or just on a bed of salt (some crystals are too porous to be immersed in water), and under the new moon.

Crystals are intelligent and receptive. They can be programmed to aid and benefit you in a specific way. To recharge a crystal of its natural energies, place it under the full moon.

Diamonds are known for their incredible receptivity and power to absorb energies. If you receive or give a diamond as part of a joyous event, the diamond will draw in and contain those loving feelings. Likewise, it can also exasperate negative vibrations – the diamond does not discriminate.