$50.00, an Astrology Consultation and Manicure.

Saturday and Sunday 15–16 June 2019

Level 1, 187-193 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Use the alchemical magic of Gemini to channel limitless creative ideas and concepts through your hands.

Welcome to Gemini Magic, a manicure ritual for enhanced creativity, expression, and communication by Nail Saloon and Cosmic Shrimp.

Cosmic Shrimp will help you discover your mercurial style and personal Gemini expression, offering guidance for your ritual intention.

Taking inspiration from Gemini's palette, Nail Saloon provides nail colours ranging from light greens to bold orange, black pearl and dark metallics to sheer opalescence. Add moonstone and pearl gems for extra clout. Your adorned nails are a personal talisman embedded with intention and power.

Gemini magic is fast! Learn to harness it and enjoy the effects up to one week.

Cosmic Shrimp cosmicshrimp.net/

Nail Saloon nail-saloon.com/

Gemini Magic ~ Saturday 15th June
Add Some Gemini Magic!
Gemini Magic ~ Sunday 16th June
Add Some Gemini Magic!
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Nail Saloon x Bella Clark ~ Gemstone

Add a little sparkle to your Gemini Magic!

A semi-precious stone (light green or pink) set in a sterling silver clasp.

  • Applied to last approx. 1 week

  • Sitting 3mm off the nail, a little crown

Custom made for Nail Saloon, in Melbourne, by Bella Clark Jewellery.

Add a Little Sparkle!